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Flip-Flop Alert: Story of the Judicial Nominee Bill Nelson Un-Recommended

It's well known political issues can cause candidates to change position in an election year. In a stark advancement of that premise, Bill Nelson is proving he's in as nervous a position with his reelection campaign as he is changing his position on a judicial nominee he recommended for a U.S. District Court post in Florida.

The sudden turnabout has to be regarded as a desperate lurch for the man in a struggle to retain his Senate seat against Gov. Rick Scott.


How Bill Nelson Is Souring the Milk of Human Kindness, or Trolling Grief for Campaign Cash

It's one thing to politicize a tragedy that's left dozens of your constituents grieving. Unsavory as it is, it happens every campaign year on both sides of the aisle.

But when a politician uses a horrific act like the Parkland massacre of 14 high school students and three teachers to fill his campaign chest, he really is down there with the slithering serpents.

I'm talking about you, Bill Nelson.


Bill Nelson: I Always Opposed Offshore Drilling ... Uh, Except When I Didn't

Either Bill Nelson has been standing too close to Charlie Crist, or his memory is beginning to go south. Or, more probably, he just doesn't think you'll notice. The point is, when it comes to offshore drilling, Florida's senior senator has developed a conspicuous case of the flip-flops.

Nelson is out there telling the world he's a "career-long opponent of offshore drilling." He recently put out a 900-word press release with a timeline outlining his supposed opposition.

Except the timeline conveniently omits his 2010 support for an Obama Administration plan to expand offshore drilling off the Florida coast.


Backbench Bill Nelson just doesn’t get it.

Backbench Bill Nelson just doesn’t get it. The new tax reform bill finally gives middle-class families the tax relief they’ve been waiting for - but Florida’s own Bill Nelson voted against it.

The bill, which provides massive tax relief for over 80 percent of Americans and DOUBLED the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000 apparently wasn’t worth a “yes” vote from Backbench Bill. Instead, he followed along with the rest of his Democratic colleagues and voted to let the government take more of YOUR hard-earned money.

Backbench Bill has failed Florida - again. It’s time to send someone in the U.S. Senate who supports Florida’s middle-class.

John Morgan: Back Bench Bill "Accomplishes Nothing"

Back bench Bill Nelson just got called out by one of Florida's most prominent (former) Democratic figures!

John Morgan, a major Dem financial backer announced he's leaving the Democratic party and plans to register as an independent.

But he didn't stop there. He blasted back bench Bill Nelson's failed tenure in the U.S. Senate, where according to Morgan, Nelson "accomplishes nothing."